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Enter the 365 Achieve It Pitch Contest for a chance to win $50,000 to start your business/idea and make an impact on the world!

Have you struggled to get your business/idea off the ground? Pitch it!

We're giving entrepreneurs the chance to create a life they love and start the business or launch the idea they've always wanted!

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​To be considered for the contest, you must fill out a questionnaire about your business/idea. 

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We need to see your commitment. To enter, you must submit a $100 pitch fee. No fee. No chance.

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Wait and see

Our judges will select 1 winner to receive $50,000 based on a grading scale.

What Do I Get If I Win?


   If you are the Achiever’s Challenge Winner that is selected you will receive $4200/m for an entire year so you can focus on building your dream business or launching your idea. Does life get any better?


Live life on your own terms. No bosses, no timesheets. Build your dream with no distractions and no shared ownership. 

Dream it – Tell it – Live it




We know entrepreneurs face daily challenges when running a business/idea or new venture. With our seasoned team and years of experience, we’re a proven partner to guide you to success.





Join an incredible global community and support system of your peers looking to help you solve your biggest questions.





In order to receive your monthly stipend of $4200/m, all you need to do is give us weekly/monthly updates via social postings and videos (Facebook, Instagram etc.) showcasing your progress that you are working to build your idea/business.


Just 100% pure focus without the grit and grind of a regular job from 9-5.  Your dream job means you are the boss without worrying about losing your job.



Meet Your Mentors

The 365 Achieve It Pitch Contest is a pitch competition where you can present your ideas to a prestigious judging panel of successful entrepreneurs who provide feedback and select 1 winner to receive $50,000 toward their business/idea. 

No matter your industry, anybody can enter.

Jim (Kalafat) Starr

Jim is living proof that there are no limits to what a person can do, no matter the obstacles, when you hold yourself accountable for achieving your dreams. Jim became famous as Laser on the hit TV show American Gladiators (the only Gladiator to compete in all seven (7) seasons of the show

Tonya Smith

Born and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan, she was your basic all-American kid, never afraid to reach beyond her center and to GO FOR IT ALL and that’s exactly what she did.  Starting and growing three (3) successful businesses, Tonya is now helping entrepreneurs find their passion and creating success.

Why Now?


of businesses fail due to a lack of capital and cash flow.


of businesses failed because they didn’t have the right team running the business.


People currently unemployed.


of the small business owners who applied for loans from big banks were rejected.


of mentored businesses survive longer than 5 years


jobs created every year by small businesses in US

You might ask yourself,

"Why don't I just get a job, then start my business/idea?"

Most get comfortable...start making money...life gets in the way...years pass by...dream business/idea remains a dream business/idea.

    The Solution?

    The 365 Achieve It Pitch Contest

    A one-of-a-kind idea/business funding, mentorship, and accountability program. Now is the time to eliminate the excuses and turn your dream into a reality.

    Watch this video to learn more

    The Time is Now

    When you look back (one) 1 year from now will it be from the position that you took action and pursued your dreams or from the sidelines watching someone else pursue theirs?

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